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By Partnership Staff
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome to the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (The Partnership) blog. Between workers and employers, people management strategies, workforce providers, and the many advances in workplace technology, this blog will discuss many issues to advise, inform, and participate in the conversations about workforce development.

This blog is targeted towards people who are interested in workforce development and readers throughout the blogosphere. The Partnership invites you to join the conversation. There is value in sharing and connecting through ideas. That said; we want the tone of this blog to serve as an informative platform that will spark ideas and generate awareness about workforce development.

Over the next year, The Partnership professionals will attempt to put forward some of the foundations, ideas, and best practices of what we have learned in our time as a leading agency in workforce development. These are meant to be conversation starters, but certainly if there are other topics that readers would like to see addressed, by The Partnership staff please feel free to suggest!


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